Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh, Puerto Rico, te echo de menos ya!

Oh, Puerto Rico, I miss you already!! We are back from our trip, well rested and relaxed. This tower is in old San Juan near the governor's mansion. We spent an evening there wandering around the streets and shops and having dinner in our favorite restaurant, Toro Saleo. We even had our favorite waiter who was there last year.

The weather was gorgeous, 80-85 degrees every day. The Marriott was beautiful and the staff was super friendly and helpful. This is the view from our balcony.

We spent most of our time on the beach doing this.

and in the evenings, doing this! Oh, and we spent some time in the casino. My DH played a little
blackjack and I learned how to play roulette. Even won a few dollars!

Meet our favorite bartender, Jonathan. He worked at the restaurant, Miro, across the street from the Marriott. They had a 2 for 1 Happy Hour every day from 4-7. Needless to say, we got to know him very well! The restaurant also had fabulous food. Our favorite dish was Arroz Negro (black rice) which was rice with a combo of seafood (shrimp, squid, scallops and mussels). What made it black and delicious was the addition of squid's ink which has a buttery taste to it.

This last picture was taken at Condondo Beach next to the Conrad Hotel. We have already decided that we will be returning again to Puerto Rico maybe in February. It's a quick getaway spot for some fun in the sun and many mojitos!

Well, back to reality and the old grind! Hasta luego!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fall projects

Despite a heavy work schedule, I have been able to finish one fall project and do some decorating for the season. The first picture is the space above our closets in our den. This arrangement was actually done by my DH. There are different sized wicker and ceramic pumpkins up there with an old wooden tool chest filled with fall colored leaves. He adds the twinkle lights which look so nice at night. He is surprisingly talented in doing this sort of thing! This will stay up til Thanksgiving.

The little wall hanging is made with hand dyed felted wool and stash fabric. I finished binding it last night while watching the World Series. This project comes from a great fall/halloween book I won from our guild's monthly raffle.

The pumpkins are a nifty idea I picked up at our guild's Annual Gathering. The inside is a roll of toilet paper, wrapped with a little leftover batting to make it look round and covered with a seasonal FQ that is stuffed into the top of the tube. The stems are a stick I found outside and I added a few artificial leaves on top. Took all of 15 minutes to make and when the season is over, I'll take them apart and use the paper! LOL!

The purses are part of a new drop in program we are doing with our guild. We have a drop in meeting on the last Monday nite of the month which is meant to be more social. You can bring a project you want to finish or do the project of the month. This year we are focusing on making bags. Since it was my idea for Bag of the Month, I was the first instructor and chose the Buttercup bag which I found on Rae Hoekstra's blog. She is super talented and this bag is the first of several that have appeared on her blog. She is so generous with providing the pattern and the bag was easy as pie to make. The size in the pattern actually uses a FQ. I made one in the original size using a wool skirt I had felted which I call Baby Buttercup. The other bag which is the same pattern enlarged to 120% which I call Mama Buttercup is made from Michael Miller fabric I've had forever. I used a magnetic snap for the wool bag but decided on a loop closure for Mama. The handmade glass button on the front is one I bought in Houston a couple of years ago. I really like Mama best. She is a perfect size and I added additional pockets inside.
We had 7 or 8 gals there making bags. I will have pictures in November to show. It's amazing how different they look depending on the fabric chosen.!

Sorry the pictures are so dark but we haven't had much sunshine of late!

Speaking of sunshine, I am headed for sunny Puerto Rico next week for some needed R&R with my hubby. My bag is just about packed and I just need to choose a book or two for reading on the beach! I'll be back in November hopefully fully recharged and ready to do more blogging than I have of late. BTW, if you haven't turned your clocks back go do it now! Daylight savings time started last night Boo hoo! Now I'll go to work in the dark and drive home in the dark! Did I ever mention I HATE WINTER!!!

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