Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 1st Post of 2009

Wow! How did that happen?? Well, here it is - my first post of 2009 and as it turns out, my birthday! Yep, I am a 1/2 century plus 1 year old and really looking forward to what this next 1/2 century has to offer. The weather here is horrible, snow, rain, freezing rain, etc, etc. So I called my boss and explained since it was my birthday and I shouldn't be aggravated on my birthday, I was going to stay home. He laughed and told me to have a great day!

Although I haven't been posting, I have been busy. Here are pictures of projects I've completed since Christmas. There are two hats and a pair of mittens toward my goal of knitting for charity. I am really enjoying this! I am knitting at night while I watch TV with hubby. The picture of the black hat is not a good one. This hat is adorable, made from Lion Suede yarn and Fun fur, it worked up super quick. The mittens are my first pair ever. I wasn't crazy about the pattern I used so I have found another and will give them another try.

I finished my Chinese coins quilt!! bound and everything! Wahoo!! I know you have seen the front in my last post and I pieced the back from the leftover pieces. Bob likes the back better than the front. I'll try to get a picture of this later in the week!

Last weekend I was at our guild's annual retreat in Rhode Island. I worked on completing the top of my Mystery Nickels quilt and a snowman wallhanging kit that I picked up in Houston. The quilt top has pieced borders which I need to add but it's getting there. This is supposed to be twin size but once I add the borders it will be close to full size.

And here is my snowman wallhanging ready for quilting! This was a terrible kit! The snowman pieces were too large for the top so I had to keep trimming and trimming to make it fit and the instructions were not well written. But I do like the look of it and hope to have it finished and hanging by Sunday.
I received a birthday phone call from my DS ( without prompting from Dad), a call from my goddaughter and niece, Bridie, who thought I was 25 (she has moved up on my quilt list!) and I received the best slippers ever from my sis in Florida. They are from LL Bean, lined with flannel and are sooo comfortable I have to remember to take them off should I decide to walk out the door. All in all, a lovely birthday. No fuss, no muss.

I hope this will be the longest lag in posting! January was a tough month starting with a cold caught over the Christmas holidays that wouldn't go away.

Hope February will be a better month!

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