Friday, August 08, 2008

East Coast meets West Coast

Yesterday I went into NYC to meet one of my favorite bloggers/quilters who happened to be visiting the city. When she posted on her blog late last week that she was coming across the country to my neck of the woods, I knew that I had to try and set up a blogger to blogger meeting. I mean, what are the odds ?? So I emailed her to see if she had any free time and luckily she did!! In case you haven't guessed her identity yet, here is picture of her current disguise.

Have you guessed yet?? Well, it was none other than Libby of A Simple Girl fame. Now you may not have realized this,but Libby doesn't have any recent pictures of herself on her blog. But since she was the only gal standing in front of the designated meeting spot at the designated time, I knew it was her! Let me just say that Libby has big blue eyes and a big beautiful smile to go with those peepers. Oh, and just between you and me, I think she may be "on the run" and wanted for questioning by the QUILT POLICE for her maverick ways in the "Indian Hatchet Quilt Caper". That's why there are no current pictures! So to keep her safe, I won't be posting any pictures of her on my blog. I know I am aiding and abetting but we maverick quilters need to stick together.

Anywho...When meeting with a quilter, hit a quilt shop! The City Quilter is an oasis in the midst of the chaos of NYC. I haven't been to the Big Apple in some time and had forgotten how overwhelming the sights, sounds and SMELLS can be! Once we had a quick cup of java (ok, iced chai latte), we were buzzed in and spent a good hour and a half ( and more $$$$ than I care to say!) in this wonderful shop. It is a quilter's buffet. I was especially thrilled with their selection of novelty fabrics, wool and Japanese fabrics. They also carried a very nice selection of books. Here's a peek at my booty!

You might have noticed some interesting fabric in the right corner of this picture. Where else but in NYC would you find PROJECT RUNWAY fabric! Well, Libby and I both squealed when we spotted this little collection since we are both fans and of course, we both took a little piece home with us.

After we were done gorging ourselves at the City Quilter, we of course had to have dessert at MOOD, the official fabric store for Project Runway.

You have to take an elevator up to the third floor and when the doors open, it's like you died and went to fabric heaven! It is floor to ceiling filled with bolts of fabric from silk to wool to laces as well as boxes and boxes of buttons and walls embellishments. As soon as we got off the elevator, a woman told us that one of the current Project Runway contestants was there. It was none other than Suede!!! Well, we started walking up and down the aisles until we spotted the blue mohawk. He was super sweet and very accomodating. He was working on a project for BlueFly but was nice enough to take a minute so we could both snap pictures with him .
After rubbing elbows with a celebrity, Libby and I both just wandered around fondling fabric. If you don't have a definite idea of what you want when you go to Mood, you could end up wandering for days trying to make a decision. We ended up buying some fabulous wool.

Here's my selections which I've already felted. I think I'll be using the blue and black plaid for a bag and the gray nubby one is going to be great as a base for needle felting.

After all that fabric fondling a girl gets hungry! We were ready for lunch. It was just great to sit down and talk and talk and talk about family and quilting and everything!! Before I knew it, it was time for Libby to head back to the hotel to meet Andy for her night at the theatre and I headed back to Connecticut.

During my ride back home on the train, I thought of about 100 other questions I had meant to ask Libby! Sew little time.. :(

I guess my questions will have to wait til I hit the West Coast on a visit, which might not be too far in the future as it looks like Alex aka "Snowboarder Dude" may getting a job at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe, CA. But that's another post!

I can't tell you how special it was spending the day with Libby. It was soo super to put a face and
voice to a blog. If you ever get an opportunity to meet up with a fellow blogger/quilter, be sure to do it!

Libby, thanks for an awesome day of quiltiness!! and Enjoy the rest of your stay in the Big Apple!!!

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baby Bella's quilt

Finally, here it is! This little quilt has found its home in Jacksonville, FL where Baby Bella lives. I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I did the quilting on my Grace frame. I think I've got the hang of the stipple/meander but definitely need to do some practicing with free motion as you can see by my dizzy daisy. I did these free motion all around the border.

I know I have been missing in Blogland but l am busy as the proverbial bee this summer. We just got back from a lovely weekend on the Jersey shore visiting our good friends and the beach. The garden keeps calling to me and I must listen while the weather is lovely.

But I am doing some quilt related activities. I am meeting a mystery friend tomorrow for some quilt shop hopping and lunch. On Sunday I am headed to the quilt show in Lowell, Mass. with a couple of my guild friends. I also picked out my mini classes for Houston Market. I am going with my good friend and LQS owner, Diane in October. I hope to get to take a class with Billie Lauder.

I have completed my 6th blue work snowman block and I am plodding away with my pillow shams to match my summer quilt. Hopefully, they will be done before summer is over. I just don't have anything finished enough for pictures.

I really have to turn my attention to my Round Robin which is due in August. OOPS! It is August! Better get started on that!

Check back later this week for pictures of my shopping goodies and the mystery friend I met!

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