Friday, May 18, 2007

Postcards in the works

Remember how much fun it used to be waiting to see what the mailman would bring?? Well, I have been receiving the most beautiful postcards from all over the US, Australia, Scotland and Germany. If anyone is thinking about doing an exchange, JUMP IN!! It is great fun and I have been working diligently to get my cards done. Here is a picture of two cards I made last weekend. I actually made ten of these, all a little different. I did some sun printing with cheesecloth last summer and cut it up postcard size. I then used fabric paint and a stamp to put the fish on, then added some beads and stitched eyelash yarn on and around the edge.

I am also deep into my Art for Quilters class. This class has been great! Here is my homework from Lesson 2.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. My DH brought me breakfast in bed and cut tulips from the garden. I spent the day in my sewing room and I watched my beloved Red Sox win a game in the 9th inning!! My son was in Vermont working but I received a great phone call from him. He is due in tonight so I am off to the store to stock the refrigerator.

This weekend I am teaching Saturday morning at the LQS and then headed off to Rhode Island for a concert with my DH.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here and Gone

Things have been pretty crazy at work and home the last few weeks. I have had to scale back some commitments, many of them quilt-related. I guess a girl can only do so much!! I may not be blogging as often since I need to get caught up with work projects and have limited free time but I will be visiting every chance I get and will try to post at least once a month.

I just wanted to share a special email I received on a day when I needed it most; just to show how we keep track of one another! I got a great email from Melanie at Covered Porches yesterday. I had posted on the 365 Yahoo challenge board that I was not able to continue with the challenge. She emailed me to tell me she was thinking about me! How sweet is she!! Thanks, Melanie! That really made my day! All of you ladies with your wonderful comments and help add that extra sweetness to a busy day!

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on a couple of things that our guild has been doing. I am so very proud of the work we have done over the last few months.

As you know, we were making pillowcases for the Hole in the Wall Gang as one of our charity projects. On Tuesday, all the pillowcases were collected and we had made 195 pillowcases!! One of our members will be making the delivery to the camp later this month.

Our Victorian Tea was held April 27th and the gross receipts were reported at the meeting. We raised over $5,000.!!! Of course, the expenses need to be deducted but we anticipate that this will put about $4,000 into our treasury. We primarily use this money to bring in teachers and lecturers.

We are also working on lap quilts for the local retirement home where we often hold meetings in their dining room as well as quilts for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center for the pediatric ward. We also just finished putting together a quilt for "Relay for Life" made up of blocks from our members. This group will be holding their walkathon this month. The cancer survivors and their families will be signing the blocks and the quilt will be raffled off by the organization.

I have to say we are a pretty busy group for 60 members!

I know that many of you are members of your local guild but if you aren't take a look around for a guild in your area. It's so great to get together with women who share a love of fabric and quilting. And it's a great opportunity to help your local community by covering them in quilts.

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