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This is the latest film we have seen. If you liked the other Tolkien films, this is a must see. However, I have to tell you this is more "guy" oriented as there are loads of battle scenes.  It is the first of three "prequels"  to the other films. 
This one is also for the hubbies.  I thought it had a good story with some unexpected twists and turns but it is a cop story. So if you want to make hubby happy, this is one he might like to see.

We saw two movies last week, both nominated for Best Picture. The first was "Les Miserables". We had read the reviews in our paper which had panned it but we figured it had had a long run on Broadway so what the heck! It was HORRIBLE! First off, the singing ruined it. It could have been a good movie with dialogue. It was very dark and the camera angles were too close and off kilter which was distracting. My hubby was squirming within 30 minutes. I was squirming in an hour. We probably should have left but stuck with it. Don't!!

To make up for the Les Miz blunder, we went to see "Life of Pi". It was the exact opposite of Les Miz. The story was fascinating, the music was fabulous and the camera work was incredible. This one you should definitely see.

We are blessed with two theaters near us where we can see a movie for $5 and on a Tuesday, it is $3!! Last weekend, we saw Zero Dark Thirty. This is the story of how the CIA tracked down Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and the operation that led to his death. It was a bit confusing in the beginning but it really showed the tenacity of the CIA agents, and the hoops that have to be jumped through in the name of politics. Fair warning... there are some graphic torture scenes.

We also saw Bill Murray and Laura Linney in Hyde Park on Hudson. A nice period piece based on the letters and diaries of FDR's sixth or seventh cousin, Daisy. Nothing earthshattering, just a nice little movie.

I loved Silver Linings Playbook.  It was a bit slow to start but once it did it was great. Jennifer Lawrence (from the Hunger Games) was fabulous. Bradley Cooper showed the human side of being bipolar.  The movie explored how mental illness affects the entire family dynamic.

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