Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Love New York

I spent Friday and Saturday in NYC with three of my quilting buddies.  We checked in early on Friday and headed for the garment district.  It can be a little overwhelming but we browsed through many shops,  including Mood, filled with lace, fabric and baubles.  I picked up some lovely trim to use on my paintchip challenge quilt which is my next project.

We ended our day at The City Quilter which has expanded their store. I found lots of great fabrics for my paintchip challenge as well as other stuff. After a long day of shopping, we hit the bar for martinis and then had dinner at Shula's Steakhouse. Sadly, we are not the party animals of old. We were in our jammies by 9 watching basketball.

Saturday morning we were quickly out the door to the Empire Quilters quilt show.  Hit the line about 10 minutes before the doors opened and started our busy day.

The quilts were lovely.  There was something for everyone. Of course, being a New York quilt guild, they had an Urban theme.  Here are is one of the lovely NYC quilts.

 The Verrazano Bridge

This quilt and the next are tributes to Vermeer's "A Girl with a Pearl Earring".  The first one was done in silks. The second in African fabrics.

 I really liked how this quilter extended the image into the border with 1 inch squares. 

This one is for the Calico Cat.. What part of MEOW don't you understand??

And this one is for Libby.  Girlfriend, these yo-yos were about an inch big!!

Check out Empire Quilters' website later this week for pictures of all the quilts. It's definitely worth a look!

What was especially great at this show were the VENDORS!!  There were at least three booths with Japanese fabric and one exclusively with kimono fabric.  I picked up a panel with butterflies that is fantastic. There was African fabric, Batiks, a vendor with European fabrics. It was quite a smorgasbord!  My poor little credit card was smoking at the end of the day!!

Our last stop was The Crumb Shop.  Yes, ladies, a shop that specializes in cupcakes!!! I picked up a six pack for my hubby.  It was really just to divert his attention from the credit card receipts!!  My favorite was the Irish Creme.

Lastly, and certainly not least, thanks to all who offered to send me charms!  You guys are really generous.  This lovely package was waiting for me from Paula the Quilter when I got home from NYC.
Thanks Paula!!  Well, I probably won't be posting til next week. Basketball and the final four are coming up this weekend.  Go UConn!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are you charming? I hope so!

Well, it's March Madness time again! My DH and I have been parked in front of the TV all weekend and will be for the next couple of weeks watching UConn try to win another National Championship.  Knowing that I will have some time to do mindless stuff, I have started cutting fabric for a new project.  I found an easy pattern for using nickel squares and thought it would be a great way to use up my novelty fabrics.  I pulled all my kiddie fabric and started cutting charms.  I hope to make three twin size quilts ( one for my great-niece, Bella, one for my nephew, Aiden and one for charity). 

Despite cutting for a few hours, I am woefully short on charms.  This quilt calls for 88 charms for each quilt. I would like not to use repeats and sewwwww, I am asking if there is any one out there who would like to donate or swap charms with me.  If you do, please email me and we can swap snail mail addys and I can get this project underway.

I've also joined another swap, cause you know I love me a swap!  This one is a pincushion swap through Hilde and Hilde. If you are interested, click on over. Sign ups are until April 3rd.

In other news,  my west coast-east coast-west coast quilting buddy, Libby, is headed back to the West Coast. She passed by me on Saturday and we got together for some coffee, catchup and hugs.  Of course, Driving Miss Daisy was with her.  Although we got together far less than we should have, it was so great having her close by and I will miss her.  But now, I have a West Coast hookup which I intend to use and she and I will be roaming Rosie's quilt shop in the near future.  Last text I got from her she was in Oklahoma.  Gonna miss you girlfriend!!!

This Friday, I am headed to the Big Apple for Empire Quilters quilt show.  I've never been to this one and I'm pretty excited.  I'll be traveling with 3 other gals and we have decided to stay overnight in Times Square and check out the city a bit.  A trip to Mood is already on the agenda.  I'll have pics on my return from the show. 

Til then, Quilt til you wilt!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Couldn't let this day go by without posting as it is my  #2 favorite holiday of the whole year!  So, here are a couple of  my wee Irish quilts. 


Please go over to the Quilting Gallery and vote for my shamrock quilt starting today!!!  I could win a wee prize if I get the most votes!

 Bealtaine go bhfuil tú i gcónaí pingin i do phóca, cara le do thaobh agus fabraic i do stash.

Copy this over to Google Translate to find out my wish for all of you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This and that - back from retreat

I am back from retreat and unfortunately have no pictures as Picasa ate my pictures before I imported them. Stupid Picasa!!!!

At any rate, I worked on several different projects.  Here's the rundown:

1. made binding for Bella's quilt;
2. made 9 patch blocks for Debra's American Cancer Society auction quilt;
3. made my wool pillow for our guild's Victorian tea (got pics of that);
4. worked diligently on my dryer sheet blocks which will soon be a quilt top. I'm going to call it Bounce since all the blocks have Bounce fabric sheets as foundations; and
5. made more mastectomy pillows which I will make til i run out of fiber fill which should be soon.
 Here's my pillow.

It was a great location with super accomodations, fabulous quilters and I can't wait to go again next year!

Since I've been back, I have made another of the Brackman CW blocks, Birds in the Air. Ta Da!

On Saturday I went to a workshop with Elin Waterston of Art Quilt Workbook fame.  We got to experiment with textile paints on fabric and Shiva Paintsticks.  It was interesting in that I realized I liked the stenciling and over painting on fabric but wasn't a big shiva paintstick fan other than for accenting.  I had a picture of Elin but STUPID PICASA  ate her too.   I hate technology and computers and cameras today! 

I also made hearts to send to New Zealand which I read about over at Quilting Gallery. Here is the link for the Hearts for Christchurch if you are interested. I had a few cross stitched heart blocks from years ago which I stay stitched and bound .  They are on their way to New Zealand  to cheer someone I hope.

Well, back to the Brackman blocks.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

First, I want to apologize to Barbara Brackman.

Barbara, I'm not mad at you anymore. I still like you and thank you for keeping quilt history alive.

There, I feel much better now and I finished the Richmond block and the Cotton Boll with few problems.
Sorry these are a little blurry, not the blocks, the picture~

After finishing the blocks, I decided to pull out some felted wool for a pillow I am making for our guild's Spring Tea.

Three hours later, I had gone through several bins of UFOs , reorganized things, found five tops that are ready for quilting and found this....

Not the bed, the quilt top~

I had bought this top without the borders a million years ago at a yard sale. I have been inspired by Debra , her new machine and all the practicing she is doing and thought this would be a good practice piece for me. I haven't given my Sunny a good workout in a long time. So I have added the borders, pulled some ancient fabric and pieced the back and this will be loaded for quilting in the near future.

Oh, and I did pull the felted wool for the pillow. See it sitting on the top of this enormous, yet not completed, pile of stuff!

I am headed for a quilt retreat on the Cape. I pulled a couple of Oldies but Goodies from the archives and will work on them as well as the wool pillow. And I will be bringing these awesome mags to peruse for inspiration and new ideas. As many of you may know, Borders bookstores have filed for bankruptcy/reorganization. They are closing some of their stores and one near to us is closing and liquidating their inventory. Magazines were 40% off!!! So, I grabbed a bunch.

Lastly, I just received this in the mail. Paula, The Quilter spoke about having your blog entries made into a book some time ago. With my Five Year Blogiversary coming up in May, I decided to do the same. So this is Year One of Quilt til you Wilt in print. It's cool to see your posts in print with pictures. I can't believe it's almost five years!

I'll report back with my (keep your fingers crossed) completed retreat projects next week.

Til then,

Quilt til you wilt!!!!!!!!!!

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