Tuesday, November 09, 2010

What's in the bag???

See this bag! It is this top on its way to the longarmer. It's king size so my frame won't hold it. I finished it at a retreat in the spring and I finally got the back pieced and it soon will be a real live quilt!!! I even have the binding ready so when it gets home it might actually get really and truly finished!


Oh, and I've also done some work on my Folk Art Gals quilt. I couldn't have Freddy Moran without a little Gwen Marston sprinkled in so when Cheri's quilt called for template pieced basket blocks- what are templates again??!- I knew it was time to get "liberated" and made my baskets ala Gwen. Super easy and addicting!

I've also decided to be a part of Finn's New Year's Challenge. This mess is an underground railroad quilt. The blocks were made monthly through a class eons ago and when the sashing class was held I couldn't attend so you know what happened. It became a UFO. I pulled it out a year or so ago and tried to make some sense of it but found that the sashings were too long. Well, when I pulled it out today I figured out why! I was trying to fit the sashings to the wrong set of blocks!! Now, that I have the right set it may go together a lot easier.

Just had my third treatment on Friday which sort of kicked me in the butt. I've been home from work for two days just too tired and achy to get out of bed but hope to be back on track in a few days. Good news is the last one is the day after Thanksgiving and then I get a little break before radiation which won't start til after Christmas. and I've got nubbies growing on the cranium. Woo hoo! I probably won't have proper hair til spring but it's sprouting.

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